MKU — Providing Innovative Education

Every year, MKU, short for Mount Kenya college, gets many queries from high school pupils around the programs that they could pursue at the university. While a number of students seem to know about post-school instruction, various the others lack even the simple information on higher academic courses and career preparation. MKU often encounters pupils who wish to study a course at which they lack a foundation in attitude and academic prep. Truly , it locates many students enrolling in specific programs nevertheless discovering that they lack knowledge and interest.

A lifetime career in this industry could be perfect if you’re naturally inquisitive, innovative, enthused, and also love getting fun. This level can equip you to research media portrayals, depictions, and impacts on our society objectively, planning you for rankings in most related areas. This program will teach you to run an independent appraisal and know the fundamentals of knowledge gathering, coordinating, and dissemination approaches. You will find how exactly to program, develop, and disperse technology and marketing material. Additionally, you may fortify and enlarge your search, publishing, and communication skills and construct a sturdy foundation in multimedia preparation and generation.

It Is but One of all MKU courses, the Faculty of Security Studies, Regulation, and Ethics Provides a four-year, full-time, pupil Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. The Office of Human Sciences administers the program. The application is designed to supply pupils with distinct business plan and handling systems with management experience, abilities, and specialized knowledge. Like a consequence, college pupils will develop a plan and coordinate various marketplace place and management tasks. The Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance application is designed to introduce pupils to a variety of teaching, analysis, knowledge, abilities, perspectives, and experiences at real-world settings. To find further details on MKU please go to


The Mount Kenya college promotes accomplishment in academic excellence and successful job prospects later on. It has invested sensibly and heavily in proficient faculty to allow students to achieve their entire potential. MKU can be a pioneer in utilizing Communications and Information technology to support learning and teaching. It has blended classic learning together with e-learning to give college students a lively and flexible learning encounter. All these factors have made MKU a pioneer in providing quality instruction within the African region. Indeed, it continues to aid tens of 1000s of discerning, difficult college students to scale greater heights in their educational pursuits.

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