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Truly, a guy’s companion may be famous condoms. These rubber contraceptives can prevent unwanted pregnancies, and transmission of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are made of plastic material, elastic and lean polyurethane. Lots of people would be pleasantly amazed to learn that even glow-in-the-dark condoms are all available nowadays. In any case, flavoured condoms have various tastes, such as chocolate, cherry, fruits, along with cherry.

Another type of 콘돔 is your ribbed condoms. All these condoms have tiny bumps or ridges in their design. This is to make women bring more pleasure and accelerate climax or make them better. Ribbed condoms are personal taste. When some females derive great joy from them, others feel uneasy and receive them slipped off at worse. A ribbed 콘돔 can give more joy to women, and anyone who likes to perform things more difficult can consider them.

Flavoured condoms come in different flavours. These condoms are mostly used during oral sex, and therefore are thinner and give protection against oral STDs. Flavoured condoms are available in most flavour, the most common ones being chocolate, berry, as well as also fruit. Though a flavoured 콘돔 is suitable for usage in oral sexual intercourse, it is moot to buy it for vaginal sex as one will have an odd odor at the ending. To gather further information on 콘돔추천 please Navigate here.

These days, most condoms include lubrication, but some are more appealing and interesting than many the others. For example, some condoms now come with warming lubricants, aloe-enriched lubricants, and dual-action lubricants. The most recent fire-and-ice condoms have dual-action lubricant, creating a sensual mixture of tingly feeling and warm sensations. These condoms have lubricant indoors and outside. Some condoms even have a lubricant which amuses climax. A orgasm control 콘돔 will reward girls more. In any case, condoms comprise cherry, spearmint, cocoa, banana, and strawberry flavours.

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